What’s Hiding in Your Carpet? (We Do and It’s Gross)

What’s Hiding in Your Carpet? (We Do and It’s Gross)

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What’s Hiding in Your Carpet? (We Do and It’s Gross)

What's Hiding in Your CarpetSince your carpet is often in the main areas of any home and where you spend most of your time, it’s important that your carpets don’t just look clean but are actually clean deep down in the fibers.

If you happened to know what’s hiding in your carpet, you would probably get it cleaned more often. A lot more often.

As it stands, carpet cleaning should be done professionally at least once a year and maybe more, depending on where you live, your lifestyle and your type of carpet.

ACME Clean is based in Denver, Colorado and our dry weather during the summer can cause a massive amount of airborne dirt, dust, pet dander and more to find a nice home in your family room carpet.

So, What’s Hiding in Your Carpet?

Your carpet could be creating a very unhealthy environment for you and your family.

It collects dirt and germs from things that touch it, like shoes, toys, dirty clothes, even that Amazon box that you picked up off your front porch and has been who knows where.

Contaminants are also deposited in your carpets from the air, like cigarette smoke.

In addition, many viruses can live in your carpets, like the Norovirus which causes the stomach flu. That can be a scary thought. Carpet cleaning can help you and your family, and guests reduce your exposure to viruses that cause sickness.

Beyond dirt and grime and ground up bits of food, small bugs such as dust mites and even bed bugs can live in your carpet. How about your own skin flakes? Those, too, can become embedded in your home carpets.

Bottom line, if you want your home to be as clean and safe as possible, vacuuming your rugs and carpets is just not enough. You need a deep professional clean with the proper equipment and cleaning tools.

Your First Line of Defense is Getting Your Carpets Cleaned

Beyond the “ick factor” of what’s hiding in your carpet is the health and safety of your family.

Babies and toddlers, as well as older children, spend a lot of time on your carpet. When your child drops their pacifier and puts it back in their mouth, or your children drop food on your carpet and eat it, they may be ingesting bacteria that can cause them health problems.

Sanitizing your carpets is the first step to creating a safer place to live.

A thorough carpet cleaning is important not only to refresh the look of your carpets, remove stains and odors but also because you won’t believe the kinds of germs and bacteria that can hide in your carpets and potentially make you sick.

Regular carpet cleaning can help you reduce your risk of exposure to some pretty unhealthy contaminants and make you confident your house is as safe as possible.

Without a complete carpet cleaning, it can cause permanent damage to your carpet, dull the appearance, and make your carpet wear out faster. But most importantly your health could be at risk from the contaminants resting in your carpets if you don’t do regular professional carpet cleaning.

A deep carpet cleaning by professionals with professional equipment can remove allergens, pet dander, dust mites, mold, and so many other things as well as bad smells that could be lingering, unseen in your carpet.

We all want a clean home. Your usual vacuuming is great, but it can’t do the same kind of deep rug scrubbing that a professional carpet cleaning can do. It’s one of the best things to improve the look and the cleanliness of your carpet.

And don’t forget to sanitize your area rugs and Oriental rugs.

These items need to be professionally cleaned and maintained as well. Just make sure they’re handled by someone knowledgeable about the unique qualities of each rug for proper cleaning without damage.

What’s Included in a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

professional carpet cleaning should include a complete, deep cleaning, the deodorizing of the carpet (or rugs), stain, and soil removal, and customized cleaning depending on fiber type – for example, whether it is natural or synthetic.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is necessary to get rid of what’s hiding in your carpet. It assures you that they are well-trained and delivers the best results.

The rug or carpet cleaning should begin with a heated pre-treatment, using a powerful but extremely safe pre-treating spray. The spray is best if it is custom mixed based on the type of carpet you have.

This pre-treatment is intended to get the stains out of the carpet. It will also eliminate odors, and gets the rugs or carpets cleaner than just the steam clean alone.

A professional carpet cleaning will also include agitating the carpet before the steam cleaning takes place.

Following this important step will help the chemicals to get deep down in the carpet or rug and get the dirt, germs, bugs, or other matter to the surface. Then it can be sucked away, leaving you with a clean carpet and a healthier home.

Make sure the professional carpet cleaners use sanitized equipment, meaning that they thoroughly clean their equipment before it comes into your home.

It would be counter-productive to use dirty equipment which will only increase the problem, and potentially spread germs, mold, and many other harmful contaminants.

After your carpet has been completely cleaned using the proper and total deep carpet cleaning method, a nice touch is to groom the carpet, which will eliminate the marks made by the cleaning equipment, and allow the carpet to look better and feel softer.

Now, you will feel comfortable letting your family and friends enjoy the carpet by sitting and laying on it to play games or watch TV. You also know that when you professionally clean your home, it is a healthier environment for your family.

And peace of mind is the most important result from carpet cleaning.

At ACME Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, we have decades of experience helping home and business owners get their carpets thoroughly cleaned. Give us a call to learn more and let us help you get rid of what’s hiding in your carpet!

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