Upholstery furniture cleaning

How do the arms of your sofa and other upholstery furniture look? They receive a lot of attention from your pets and children?  Dirt and stains are inevitable in a home, but they don’t need to be permanent.

At Acme Clean we take pride in being able to clean upholstered couches, chairs and loveseats.

It takes years of experience to become knowledgeable in how to clean upholstery. Upholstery is made up of many fiber blends and knowledge about each blend and how they react to solutions is why our clients trust us with their finest fabrics. We proudly employ only certified, highly trained technicians that really know how to clean upholstery. We pride ourselves with years of experience on all types of materials and fabrics and each piece is treated with individual attention.

Don’t wait another day! Get your furniture professionally cleaned call Acme Clean for a free estimate.

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