Time to spring clean your residential carpets

Time to spring clean your residential carpets

Deep cleaning of residential carpet

Time to spring clean your residential carpets

It’s that time of year again…

Your carpet might not necessarily look dirty, or you might figure that it’s vacuumed every week, so it should be just fine. However, carpets are often the perfect environment for bacteria and mold to live, breed, and propagate their nastiness out of sight, but unfortunately not out of reach of your family.

Whenever you walk into your home, your shoes bring in small particles of whatever you’ve stepped in outside, and some of it gets left behind in the carpet. That means you can have pollen and dust trapped in your carpet, which could be causing those allergy flare-ups.

For starters, don’t give up on the vacuum. While it can’t thoroughly remove everything, it does greatly slow the buildup process and help to keep those allergens and other dangerous bacteria to a minimum.

Next, be sure to hire a professional carpet cleaner every so often to thoroughly clean out your carpets and get them looking and smelling fresh, and, most importantly, clean. The frequency with which you will need to do this depends on your situation. The average household can generally expect to need a thorough cleaning about twice a year. Perfect to add to your spring-cleaning list and then once more before the holidays to get ready for your houseful of guests!

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