Three ways professional carpet cleaning makes your home safer

Most people clean their carpets more or less weekly with a vacuum and go about their lives. Yet, this cursory cleaning doesn’t protect you, your loved ones or pets from the hidden carpet hazards that only a professional carpet cleaner can remove effectively:

  • Microorganisms: Bacteria and viruses that spread via droplets when people breathe, talk, yell, cough and sneeze, or bring indoors on clothing and the soles of shoes, can survive long enough to infect someone and make them severely ill. Dangerous mold spores that can cause respiratory and immune system problems often colonize in damp carpets.
  • Chemicals: Hazardous chemicals float in from outside on the air and transfer from clothing, shoes and pets. The toxins in these chemicals can damage the central nervous system and cause cancer.
  • Metals: Sharp, tiny metal fibers and toxic metal particles find their way into carpet fibers from work clothes and the soles of shoes. They also become embedded in a carpet when technicians perform indoor phone, cable, electrical or other wire repairs.

Our team at Acme Clean LLC specializes in residential carpet cleaning services throughout Denver. We know the best ways to remove these hazards to make your home safer. Although we’re a small company, we guarantee that we can tackle any job. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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