Does Stain Resistant Carpet Need Cleaning?

Does Stain Resistant Carpet Need Cleaning?

Does Stain Resistant Carpet Need Cleaning?

Does Stain Resistant Carpet Need Cleaning?Today Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery answers the question does stain resistant carpet need cleaning? This is a question we hear a lot, as people often equate the idea of ‘stain resistant’ with ‘dirt resistant.’ Or at the very least, most people wonder if they can get away with less frequent professional cleanings because they have this particular type of carpet.

Well, the short answer is yes, even stain resistant carpet needs cleaning. It needs just as much routine maintenance as other types of carpet, and to really be clean and safe for the people living in your home, they will need professional attention periodically just like other types of carpet.  To understand why it is necessary to comprehend what stain resistant means.

Stain resistant carpets are made with a special coating called PTFE/Teflon. This substance coats the fibers in your carpet and repels whatever you might spill on the floor, therefore not allowing the fiber to soak up colors. For example, when someone spills colored fruit juice or red wine on the floor the fibers are resistant to soaking up the colors, making it much easier to clean a carpet stain without leaving behind a trace that it ever happened.

When it comes to dirt and other particles, this coating only serves to keep ground in dirt from leaving behind any color, but it can’t magically make that dirt disappear. For a carpet to be actually clean, dirt and other particles need to be removed either through regular maintenance such as vacuuming or a professional deep clean.

The frequency of which you should have your carpet professionally cleaned has little to do with the type of carpet you have and everything to do with how much traffic your carpet sustains. For example, a home with only one or two occupants, no pets or children, and in an area like a city where there are more sidewalks and asphalt than exposed dirt surrounding the home will need less frequent cleaning.

But if you’ve got pets and children running in and out all the time, leaving behind pet dander and tracking dirt from the garden into your house your carpet will require more frequent cleanings.

Other factors affecting the frequency with which you will want to clean your carpet includes the type of people living in your home. Elderly folks and small children are more affected by allergens and pathogens in the carpet. Plus, if you or a family member has allergies and is more affected than the average person more frequent cleanings will be necessary.

In general, if your home has relatively ideal conditions you should only need a professional carpet cleaning once every 12-18 months. But if many of these other factors that we’ve discussed are present, you may need cleanings as frequently as every 4-6 months.

We hope this article has been helpful for answering the question does stain resistant carpet need cleaning? As always, the friendly staff here at Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is available for any questions you have or to schedule a carpet cleaning!

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