So, I can just clean my grout up with some vinegar – yes?

Carpet Cleaning

No! And no again! Using vinegar can actually cause damage to the grout. This is one of the so many unsuccessful home-made remedies you regularly hear about this problem.

If you have a fair amount of grout around your home – and most of us do – it pays to have it professionally cleaned. Perhaps you’ve recently moved in and the previous owners weren’t dirty-grout conscious! Then there are those pesky mold problems that often occur in damp areas of both kitchens or bathrooms.

At this time of year, as you welcome visitors, you want your property to look its best. Our professional grout cleaning service can add a freshness that others will notice. Contact Acme Carpet- your local Colorado carpet cleaning, upholstery enlivening, and grout-freshening specialists!

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