Oriental rug cleaning

Oriental rug cleaning

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Oriental rug cleaning

You can trust your Oriental rug cleaning to ACME Clean in Denver. Our team is trained to use the correct cleaning solution strength, and cleaning methods to get the grime, dirt, stains, pet odor, and more out for good.

With the incredible team at Acme Clean working on your oriental rugs, we can make them seem like new again with our thorough cleaning services. We understand that you made an investment with your Oriental rug purchases and we are careful to keep them safe during the cleaning process. Using especially formulated cleaning solutions, we will thoroughly clean and sanitize your rugs safely.

Having a knowledgeable team of carpet cleaners working for you will lead to the best results possible in Denver and Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is the company you can trust. Our years of experience, the way conduct business, our honesty, and high-quality rug cleaning services, sets us apart in Denver.

We also provide pet stain removal on oriental rugs. Over time, pet odors, dirt, and more will build up on your oriental rugs, making them appear dull and worn.

Pet urine is a strange substance. It is composed of proteins, urea, electrolytes, sodium, uric acid, and creatinine and contains many bacteria. This composition actually bonds to the carpet itself making it impossible to get out with regular cleaning. Acme Clean uses a special mixture to get up these stains that only the best carpet cleaners use.

We will mix a formula especially for your carpets. Depending on the material they are composed of, thickness and the severity of the stains, we will create the perfect cleaning solution to get the pet stains out. You will be shocked at the results from our work. We have a very high standard of excellence that our residential as well as commercial clients appreciate.

Call us at Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning to schedule our services. You will be glad that you called us. Get ready to enjoy your oriental rugs again soon!

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