How We Can Help with Your Allergies

How We Can Help with Your Allergies

Deep cleaning of residential carpet

How We Can Help with Your Allergies

As we head into summer, Acme Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is readying up for the allergy seasons. Few people know the importance of consistently cleaning their carpets, and even less know the importance of getting their carpets professionally cleaned once a year. Your carpet is the most used and abused item in your home, not to mention it is the biggest. The same goes for commercial buildings too, from carpet to title, shag to Berber.

It’s because of this wear and tear that allergy triggering elements can become lodged into your carpet. Dander, pollen, dust, dirt, molds, and mildews are just some of the things that can work their way down into the fibers of your carpet (or your grout and upholstery), which can then lead to health issues, including the triggering of allergies. Even carpets and upholstery that advertise being hypoallergenic can eventually start to attract these elements, because over time, their hypoallergenic elements begin to break down with wear and tear.

We all know that we (should) clean our carpets and grouts multiple times a week, but that practice can go out the window when there are family events, or summer activities to go to. Which means that more allergy triggering things can build up in our floors and on our furniture faster than in the winter. Getting a full carpet, deep clean, is the only way to get out those elements that are deep in the fibers of the fibric. Just like pet odor, there is only so much that a homeowner can do without the right tools to address, break down, and remove the issues. That’s why it’s important to call in the professionals to help.

For each one of our residential cleanings, we custom mix a solution to address the issues plaguing your home and carpets. This means that we can clean up stains, odors, and molds, that the other guys won’t be able to. Further, our cleaning solutions can help reduce and limit your allergies because we create these custom solutions. Worried about pollen, but not pet odor? Well, your solution can reflect that—and it will give you the best clean that can come from your floor. Allergies in the commercial area are important to consider too, since more people means more tracking of allergy triggering elements, and more people who may be allergic to those elements. Commercial floor cleaning is essential, because it can mean the difference of a happy, productive work environment, or a slogging, tired, work environment.

There is nothing quite like a professionally cleaned carpet to make your home, and your work, feel clean. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, give us a call, visit our website, or read more about the work we do on our blog.

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