How to Stop a Dog from Peeing on the Carpet

How to Stop a Dog from Peeing on the Carpet

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How to Stop a Dog from Peeing on the Carpet

How to Remove Pet Stains and Odor for GoodToday, ACME Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning offers some tips on how to stop a dog from peeing on the carpet. Yes, many of our clients struggle with this problem! Little dogs, big dogs, puppies and old timers can all have accidents. We’ve seen and cleaned it all, so don’t be embarrassed to reach out to us for stain and odor removal. We’re here to help! In the meanwhile, if you’re a pet owner experiencing dog urination indoors, hopefully these tips will help you find a solution for the problem.

This issue can affect any dog of any age, even if they previously were good about doing their business outside, so don’t take it personally. The underlying causes could be any of the following: incontinence (generally in older dogs), a lapse in house-training, territorial marking, or even submissive peeing after being reprimanded. So, it will depend on the cause, in order to stop a dog from peeing on the carpet.

First and foremost, you’ll need to try your best to be patient with them. It is truly not their fault and punishment will be useless in curbing the problem. So, read on to help eliminate your pet’s urination problem and learn how to stop a dog from peeing on the carpet.

Mistakes to Avoid

As mentioned, it is not the fault of the dog that it urinates inside. It is simply not understanding what it is supposed to do. Avoid punishing the dog in any manner, as that will only confuse it and possibly lead to more indoor urination caused by fear. Methods such as rubbing their nose in the urine will not get your point across, so don’t waste your time or be cruel to your companion. 


First, eliminate the possibility that there is a medical or aging issue. Check with your veterinarian in order to discover if your dog has any medical condition such as a bladder infection, stomach issue, dietary issue or anything else that may be causing them to urinate indoors or at inappropriate times.

Bed Urination

Again, this is a more common issue for older dogs that are experiencing incontinence. We recommend purchasing a waterproof dog bed so that frequent washing is an easy process and not a huge hassle. There are also dog “diapers” that may be useful.


Territorial marking is an intentional act if your dog is feeling threatened in the home. This can come about from any number of reasons such as having visitors or even buying a new piece of furniture. Basic obedience training will help stop a dog from peeing on the carpet. And if you haven’t already done it, spaying or neutering your dog will decrease the chances of territorial marking.

Potty Training

Rescue dogs may need a bit more time initially to learn where they are supposed to urinate. If they were never correctly house-trained, you may have to start with the basics again. Puppies are also too new to fully understand where they are to urinate, but with some training, they will adapt and learn the proper place to pee. With smaller bladders, they will need more frequent trips outside during the day and will soon learn. Dogs will pee in the same place on a regular basis once established.

Stop Pet Urinating Indoors

Here are the main points on how to stop a dog from peeing on the carpet. If you have already evaluated that it is not a medical problem, new dog problem, territorial problem or otherwise mentioned above, take action with these steps.

  • Before – As soon as you notice your dog circling and sniffing, you can bet they are getting ready to pee. It is best to stop them BEFORE the act. Immediately take them to where you want them to pee. Once they are finished with their business, lavish praise on them for peeing in the right place. Do this throughout the day several times, and within in a short period, they will begin to understand just where they are supposed to pee.
  • During – If you were not able to get them outside before they started urinating on your carpet, get their attention during the act. Do this by clapping loudly and getting their attention immediately to make them stop. Then, bring them to the place that you want them to pee and wait until they finish. Once complete, reward and praise. Repeat periodically throughout the day.
  • After – Even if you were not able to stop the dog from peeing in the house, taking them outside and always praising them for peeing outside will eventually sink into their understanding. Read on about scent removal to deal with the urine left behind.

Scent Removal

We know that house training a dog that keeps urinating indoors is entirely frustrating. We have found the absolute best way to discourage a dog from peeing on carpet or anywhere indoors is to eradicate the scent of their urine.

Your dog has an incredible sense of smell, and it is a habit for dogs to pee in the same place where they smell their urine. It’s just what they do. There is no way to change that. Also, know that their nature is to not pee in their den, so ultimately, they do not want to go inside. If they are, they must think it is where they are supposed to and are not doing it to spite you. Remember that!

You must use an enzyme-based cleaner to get out the smell of dog urine Ammonia-based cleaners are not nearly as effective, as dogs can still smell their urine even through an ammonia cleaning. Enzyme-based cleaners will get the urine scent out completely, which is what you want.

At ACME Clean in Denver, we always use enzyme-based cleaners to get out pet odors for our clients. They have been proven to work the best for this, and our clients will tell you how satisfied they are with the results. So, if your dog has been peeing inside and you have been struggling with how to stop a dog from peeing on the carpet, give us a call to schedule a carpet cleaning service, including pet odor and stain removal. This will help you in the process of training your dog to head outside where they should.

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