Got Dirty Tile and Grout?

Got Dirty Tile and Grout?

Tile and grout cleaning services

Got Dirty Tile and Grout?

ACME Clean in Denver is here to offer some tips if you’ve got dirty tile and grout. We’ve been in the cleaning business for a long time, and even with grease, mold, and soap scum, we have a wide range of recommendations to help keep your tile and grout looking great. Of course, if you don’t want to have to deal with it yourself, you can always call on us, the fast, professional, tile and grout cleaning. Read on if you’re going to give it a try and get your tile and grout looking great again.

First things first, you will need a grout brush and a good cleaner. A grout brush has short stiff bristles made of nylon and comes with a shorter hand-held or longer stand-up handle. You can substitute a toothbrush if you have to but it will not be as effective as the bristles are not quite stiff enough. As a cleaner, read on to learn about options for cleaning dirty grout and tile.

Alkaline Cleaners

The Tile Council of America (TCA) touts alkaline cleaners as the best option for stain removal from grout. These come ready-made in the form of brands like Mr. Clean and Spic n’ Span and more. These products are great for cleaning grease, grime, and dirt out of grout. After using, be sure to rinse thoroughly, using a mop, cloth, or even a shop vac, getting the cleaner out of the grout and off of the tile.

Baking Soda

Another alkaline cleaner, baking soda, can be an effective cleaner for various surfaces in the kitchen but not so much for deep cleaning tile and grout. Some people find it effective however and if you are a die-hard baking soda fan, feel free to give it a try.

No Vinegar

Grout is comprised of a mix of materials, including cement. Acid-based cleaners can dissolve the cement and ultimately destroy the grout. For this reason, vinegar is not recommended for dirty grout and tile.

Chlorine Bleach

This may be the first cleaner that comes to mind for grout and tile cleaning. Although it can be effective, it may not be the best option. Chlorine bleach is extremely toxic, not only to humans and pets but to the environment. Yes, it’s a strong cleaner, but it comes with drawbacks.

Be sure to only use bleach in a well-ventilated area as it releases noxious fumes. Also, as you use the grout brush, the chlorine will splatter, so be sure to wear old clothes and safety glasses, and remove anything that could get stained in the process. It will also eventually change the color of the grout lines entirely, so keep that in mind if you choose this product for grout cleaning.

Oxygen Bleach

This is a highly recommended as a grout and tile cleaner. It is non-toxic to humans and the environment. It won’t stain grout or release noxious gases. You may recognize a typical oxygen bleach known as hydrogen peroxide. However, this is a diluted version of oxygen bleach, so it is not going to be as effective of a cleaner. Instead, buy oxygen bleach in powder form. Mix with water to create a paste. Apply to grout directly and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Scrub with the grout brush then rinse with water and wipe clean with a cloth.

If you have got dirty tile and grout, the team at ACME Clean in Denver can help. We always provide high-quality tile and grout cleaning services for our clients. Call today to schedule with us.

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