Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

We Clean, Repair & Preserve Your Treasured Oriental Rugs

We understand how important your area rugs are to you. That’s why we offer Denver’s premier rug cleaning and restoration service. Our comprehensive cleaning process includes pet stain/odor removal, moth treatment, and expert restoration. We also offer affordable pickup and delivery services so that you don’t need to worry about getting your rug to us.

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Deep Cleaning To Fight Germs

If you don’t have carpets in your home, you probably have area rugs that bring about comfort and style. Eventually, your rugs will collect dirt which may affect their vibrancy and enchantment. Acme Carpet offers thorough rug cleaning services in Denver, allowing you to enjoy bright and attractive area rugs that are as pristine as when you bought them. We have over 50 years of expertise in carpet and rug cleaning. We use eco-friendly cleaning agents to provide the results that you long for.

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Our 6-Step Oriental Rug Cleaning Process


At our oriental rug cleaning facility, we take great care to ensure that your rugs are treated with the utmost respect and attention. Our Master Rug Technician will begin by carefully inspecting your rug for any spots or stains and any needed repairs. This inspection is done with a keen eye and gentle hands to preserve the rug’s integrity.

Once the inspection is complete, we can move on to the cleaning process. We use only the most advanced cleaning techniques and products available to provide a deep clean that will leave your rug looking new. We understand the importance of keeping your rugs looking their best, so we ensure that all our cleaning methods are safe and effective. After the cleaning process is complete, we will inspect your rug once more before returning it to you in perfect condition.

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Dust Removal

Dust removal is an essential step in the rug cleaning process. It involves mechanically removing as much dry soil as possible from the rug prior to the actual cleaning. This dust removal method puts less strain on the rug fibers, helping preserve its longevity and quality.

Stains and problem spots are also pre-treated if necessary, during this stage of the process. This helps ensure that they are properly addressed before further cleaning occurs. Specialized solutions may help break down tough stains and remove them from the rug without further damaging it. Once all these steps have been completed, a thorough deep clean can be done with minimal risk of damage or discoloration.


In addition to using the right cleaning agents, it is also essential to use the correct temperature of water for each rug. Too hot or too cold water can cause damage to some fabrics or dyes. It is also important to rinse thoroughly after washing so that no residue remains on the rug fibers. Proper drying techniques should also be employed after washing; this includes avoiding direct sunlight and using fans or other methods of air circulation if necessary. With these steps taken, your rugs will look beautiful and last for many years!

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Rinsing is an essential step in the rug cleaning process. It involves flushing the rug with water to remove any remaining traces of soil or dirt that may have been left behind during the washing process. This helps to ensure that all dirt and debris are removed from the rug, leaving it clean and fresh.

Rinsing is essential to keeping your rugs looking their best and ensuring they last for years to come. The rinsing process can be done by hand or machine, depending on the size and type of rug being cleaned. Hand-rinsing is often used for smaller rugs, while machines are better suited for larger rugs. When using a machine, it is important to ensure that all areas of the rug are thoroughly flushed with water so that no dirt remains behind. This prevents mold and mildew growth due to moisture trapped in the rug’s fibers. After rinsing, it is also important to dry the rug completely before storing or using it again.


Air drying is considered one of the safest methods for drying rugs because it does not involve any heat or chemicals that could damage the fibers or colors of the rug. Also, air drying helps preserve the rug’s shape by preventing shrinkage or warping due to excessive heat exposure. It also helps to reduce wrinkles and creases that may have occurred during washing or extraction processes. Finally, air-drying ensures that no residual moisture remains in the rug, which could lead to mold growth or other problems.

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Final Inspection

The final inspection of a rug is an important step in the cleaning process. After the rug has been thoroughly dried, a Master Rug Technician will inspect it again to ensure that it is in perfect condition. The technician will then brush, vacuum, and groom the rug to ensure it looks its best before being rolled and bound for delivery back to your home. Each rug will be examined for signs of damage or wearduring this inspection.

Your Trusted Denver Rug Experts

Our team of experienced carpet cleaners uses only the best products and techniques to ensure that your rug is properly cleaned, repaired, and preserved. We take pride in our services and aim to provide the highest quality cleaning for your oriental and area rugs. We guarantee that our work will be done with care and attention to detail. So if you’re looking for a reliable rug cleaning service in Denver, look no further than We Clean, Repair & Preserve Your Treasured Area Rugs!