Denver Drape Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your drapes and curtains can be a major ordeal. Thick heavy fabrics that can be too much for your washing machine to handle, even if they are made of a material that can be machine washed, not to mention the unwieldy hassle of taking them down and putting them back up. Luckily, there is a much easier option with our highly regarded Denver drape cleaning service.   

Our experts will come to your home and get your draperies as clean as when they were new using the highest quality cleaning solutions available.  Acme Clean is careful to only use safe cleaning chemicals to ensure that no unhealthy residue is left in your home as well as to protect our employees who are exposed to them constantly. Also, we sterilize our equipment weekly and clean it thoroughly in between each home we service, so that any contaminants that we have cleaned up from the last job are not brought into your home when we come to clean your drapes.  
You can learn more about our services and about our company’s standards at our website, as well as making your appointment through our easy to use contact form, or call us today. 

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