Carpet Cleaning Tips from Acme Clean

Carpet Cleaning Tips from Acme Clean

Carpet Cleaning Tips from Acme Clean

Carpet Cleaning Tips from Acme Clean DenverTo keep your carpets looking great for years, look no further than carpet cleaning tips from Acme Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Denver! Whether you have high traffic from kids, pets, or party guests, there are bound to be accidents that can destroy your carpeting. But, if you know the facts and get some tips from the experts, you could save yourself the immediate need to replace those carpets. Check out these helpful tips for keeping carpet stains away.


Using a blotting technique as opposed to a rubbing technique is critical. This will make a huge difference in the outcome. With rubbing, a mark will get ground even further into the carpeting, damaging the carpet fibers and inevitably, permanently staining it.

Use a clean white cloth, paper towels, or sponge. Avoid dark colors that could transfer color to your carpeting, making the situation even worse! Apply pressure directly to the stained carpet without rubbing side to side or in any direction. Blot from the outside in to avoid spreading the spot. Blotting is also the best method when applying a cleaning solution. Never rub!

Club Soda

This is one of the most asked about carpet cleaning tips from Acme Clean. Yes, club soda is a great stain remover. This is especially true for wine. Again, first carefully blot the stain. Then apply the club soda directly to the area affected. Blot again. If this is not working, mix 1-part club soda and 1-part vinegar. Apply and blot repeatedly until the stain is no longer visible. Smooth the carpet fibers back with your hand, then using a clean white cloth or more paper towels, place towels on the area and weigh down with a pile of books to dry.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Another miracle for carpet stains is hydrogen peroxide, especially for blood. In the midst of an accident with blood involved, people and pets are your priority, so you’ll likely be left with dried blood stains. Luckily, hydrogen peroxide can help.

Here’s how to remove a dried bloodstain. First, loosen up dried blood with a mixture of water and detergent. Scrape off as much as you can from the carpet fibers. To get the rest off, apply the hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain. It will foam up immediately. Blot and reapply until the stain is gone. Then, simply dry the carpet by blotting with a clean white cloth.

Shaving Cream

Yes, you read right! An oddity amidst carpet cleaning tips from Acme Clean is ordinary shaving cream which can help with everyday stain removal. To use, apply directly to any stain and let sit 30 minutes. Then, blot with a clean and dry white cloth. To finish off the process and for best results, spray the area with a 1-part vinegar and 1-part water solution. Blot again and voila! You have successfully removed a major eyesore with no need to replace your carpets!


Believe it or not, but one of the best grease stain fighters is plain grease-cutting dishwashing detergent which does wonders for getting out a variety of oil-based stains such as meats, fried foods, pizza, burgers, junk food and more! Of course, first blot the stain. Then, using only a drop or 2 in a cup of water, apply with a spray bottle directly to stain. Blot and repeat as needed.


If you have kids running around the house, it’s inevitable that candy will end up in the carpet. To avoid permanent damage and stains, first try to scrape up as much candy as possible. A butter knife can work well in this situation. The more you get out this way, the better. Then, apply that water and detergent mixture we talked about. Same as before, apply, blot with a clean white cloth and repeat. The key is to get all the sugars out of the carpet fibers to prevent more dirt and debris from collecting in the same spot.


With wax, it got there with heat, and it will get out with heat too. Using a standard iron, place a dry white cloth over the iron to heat up the wax-ridden area for no more than 30 seconds. Don’t leave or walk away – you don’t want to burn the carpet or worse! Then scrape with an old butter knife. Repeat if necessary. Then, lay a paper towel over the spot and apply the hot iron. The wax will bond with the paper towel fibers. Repeat as many times as needed.


If you think candy is bad to have sitting in your carpeting, gum is even worse! Gum will attract absolutely everything that gets near it, creating a giant stain wherever it may have landed on your carpeting or even upholstery. Luckily, you’ve got carpet cleaning tips from Acme Clean.

Grab some ice from the freezer and apply to gum for about 30 seconds. The goal is to freeze the gum completely. If you can pull any off, do so at this point, but most likely it will have to be cut out. Take a spoon and lift the gum up. With scissors, trim off the carpeting at the edge of the gum. The carpeting should naturally hide the fact that some threads are shorter than others.

Pet Accidents

We love our pets, but even a well-trained best friend can have an accident. Some not so well-trained pets may even sneak off to relieve themselves in your house which means you likely won’t find the scene of the crime until you notice that smell. If you catch it right away, there are some excellent organic pet stain cleaners on the market. Just be sure to use the products as directed. As for old pet stains, they may require professional pet stain and odor removal

Deep Cleaning

Well there you have it, some really helpful carpet cleaning tips from Acme Clean. Getting out spots and stains right away can make a real difference in the frequency of carpet replacement. You can also extend the life of your carpet with at least one deep cleaning by our professionals each year, twice if you have heavy traffic. So, call the helpful team here at Acme Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Denver to schedule an appointment today!

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