ACME Carpet Cleaning is known for catering to customers in the surrounding metro areas around Denver, Colorado; one of those places being Aurora, Colorado. Now, you have more options when searching for a fantastic, professional staff of carpet cleaners in Aurora. Our carpet cleaners are dedicated to making the carpeting and upholstery in your property, whether residential or commercial, healthy, aesthetically pleasing, feeling soft and smelling incredible.
When you hire our carpet cleaners in Aurora to do a job, there is a certain process we use. We begin this process with a heated pre-treatment by using safe, yet powerful pre-treating spray that we customize specifically for the type of carpeting you have (being very aware that not all carpeting is created equal and may be created of different fibers.) This first step rids your carpeting of stains, eliminates foul odors and is much more powerful than steam cleaning alone. Next, we purposely take the time to agitate your carpeting before we steam; creating a lather to help chemicals reach deep, below the surface. We then sanitize our equipment. This can be the most crucial step as complete sanitation is essential so as not to spread germs, mold or other harmful elements. Then, our carpet cleaners will perform deep clean extraction. Everything we have previously “agitated” is steamed and cleared from carpet fibers. Finally, we perform post clean grooming. This eliminates marks made by our equipment, all while leaving your carpet feeling softer and looking as fresh as possible. If you’re located in Aurora and this professional form of carpet cleaning seems like an investment for you, contact our carpet cleaners in Aurora and ACME Carpet Cleaning will send our staff right to you!