Call us for grout cleaning

ACME Clean in Denver is here to offer some tips if you’ve got dirty tile and grout. We’ve been in the cleaning business for a long time, and even with grease, mold, and soap scum, we have a wide range of recommendations to help keep your tile and grout looking great. Of course, if you don’t want to have to deal with it yourself, you can always call on us, the fast, professional, tile and grout cleaning.

First things first, you will need a grout brush and a good cleaner. A grout brush has short stiff bristles made of nylon and comes with a shorter hand-held or longer stand-up handle. You can substitute a toothbrush if you have to but it will not be as effective as the bristles are not quite stiff enough. Then you need a cleaning agent like vinegar, baking soda and other cleaners or you could call Acme Clean in Denver and we’ll take care of it all.

If you have got dirty tile and grout, the team at ACME Clean in Denver can help. We always provide high-quality tile and grout cleaning services for our clients. Call today to schedule with us.

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