A couple of carpet cleaning tips

A couple of carpet cleaning tips

spot cleaning carpets

A couple of carpet cleaning tips

To keep your carpets looking great for years, look no further than carpet cleaning tips from Acme Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Denver! Whether you have high traffic from kids, pets, or party guests, there are bound to be accidents that can destroy your carpeting. But, if you know the facts and get some tips from the experts, you could save yourself the immediate need to replace those carpets. Check out these helpful tips for keeping carpet stains away.


Using a blotting technique as opposed to a rubbing technique is critical. This will make a huge difference in the outcome. With rubbing, a mark will get ground even further into the carpeting, damaging the carpet fibers and inevitably, permanently staining it.

Pet Accidents

We love our pets, but even a well-trained best friend can have an accident. Some not so well-trained pets may even sneak off to relieve themselves in your house which means you likely won’t find the scene of the crime until you notice that smell. If you catch it right away, there are some excellent organic pet stain cleaners on the market. Just be sure to use the products as directed. As for old pet stains, they may require professional pet stain and odor removal.

Deep Cleaning

Well there you have it, some really helpful carpet cleaning tips from Acme Clean. Getting out spots and stains right away can make a real difference in the frequency of carpet replacement. You can also extend the life of your carpet with at least one deep cleaning by our professionals each year, twice if you have heavy traffic. So, call the helpful team here at Acme Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Denver to schedule an appointment today!

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